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12 Cats Who Love Their Humans More Than They Should


Cats used to be the centerpiece of the internet back in 2007. You couldn’t go more than five minutes without spotting a compilation of funny and cute cat videos from them trying to catch a ceiling fan to falling off the window ledge. To prove how viewed cat videos are on the internet, I did the very scientific (NOT) test of adding up all the views of the first five videos that appeared when I searched YouTube for “cat videos”. The number I got was 156,859,429. Not bad for just 5 videos. Considering that there are, according to YouTube, around 41,000,000 results for cat videos, that means that if we take the same numbering philosophy from these first 5, the combined number of views on all cat videos on the internet would be about 1,286,247,317,800,000. That’s a lot.

Alright, that was way too much math. If you couldn’t be bothered to read through all that, I was trying to say that cat videos and cats are probably among the most popular distraction on all of the internet.

So, to celebrate cats and their cuteness, here are 12 cats that love their humans maybe just a little bit too much.

1. Keyboard + keyboard = bed!

Okay, I promise that was the last thing you’ll see that has any kind of math.

12 Cats Who Love Their Humans More Than They Should 1

Source: Daily Mail

2. Human hair is very soft

12 Cats Who Love Their Humans More Than They Should 2

Source: Rebloggy

3. I need to watch human while he’s driving


Source:Daily Mail



Source: Imgur | PopeyeTheSailor

5. Yeah, this is comfortable


Source: Daily Mail

6. I’m sitting down on human’s face and I’m trying to sleep. This makes a lot of sense.


Source:Daily Mail

7. Mmmm, this beard thingy is very nice


Source: Giphy Reddit | (deleted)

8. I’m as big as my human, so that means I get to sleep with him!


Source: Inquisitr

9. Plaid shirt is comfy


Source: Imgur | Liths

10. Fixing the pool, human? Let me help you


Source: Reddit | jschristena

11. Whoaaaaaaaa…. What’s thaaaaaaaat?


Source:Daily Mail

12. I like this hugs thingy!

Are you a cat lover too? Do you have one? Perhaps know something cool about cats to share? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Inquisitr

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