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Why Do Celebrities Wear Bigger Size Shoes On The Red Carpet?


As part of being a celebrity, you need to always be ready to appear on the red carpet. As tedious and as boring as it may seem to do this all the time, it’s all part of the job, and if you enjoy your job, you ought to be prepared to do anything about it.

However, you may have noticed that some celebrities seem to be wearing shoes just a tiny bit too big while on the red carpet.

This Is Why Celebrities Wear Bigger Size Shoes On The Red Carpet 1

It’s obvious that a celebrity on the red carpet is only as good as the outfit they’re wearing, but a lot of reporters in the media have noticed that a lot of them seem to be wearing shoes too big for their own feet.

This Is Why Celebrities Wear Bigger Size Shoes On The Red Carpet 2

It’s not another controversial new fashion trend, it’s just a trick that a lot of us don’t know about.

It turns out that due to female stars in most cases being dressed in high heels, they go one number higher so that they don’t cause as much trouble for longer periods of time. Because, let’s face it, high heels are not exactly the most comfortable shoe in the world, are they? Especially when you have to wear them for 3 hours.

By wearing shoes that are a bit too big for their feet, they are allowing their feet to breathe. It also prevents the feet from swelling and forming blisters.


If they were to wear shoes that are actually their size, their feet will be covered in blisters and they would be in massive pain, hence why they wear bigger size.

Also large shoes, pumps or sandals won’t pinch, squeeze or rub the feet in the vulnerable areas of the foot (like the balls of our feet, or in between our toes).


And now you’re probably wondering how they manage to keep their feet inside these bigger shoes?

Well that’s an easy answer, as the designers usually place silicone pads inside the shoes.

This method ensures that the shoe fits snugly and rather comfortably on the foot all the while blood flow is not restricted and the feet won’t be pinched…


Аn alternative method is double sided tape.

The most interesting part is that celebrities don’t even need to hide that they’re doing this anymore, as it has become a growing trend in this world.


And now you know why celebrities in heels wear bigger sized shoes on the red carpet. Possibly have armed yourself with another conversation starter, or maybe a pub quiz. Depends on where you come from.


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