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19 Celebrities That Went Broke For The Stupidest Reasons


Being a celebrity means living the lush life. You always have money in your bank account to spend, and you aren’t bothered about how much something costs or where you got it from, you got money to spend, you spend it. It’s as simple as that.

19 Celebrities That Went Broke For The Stupidest Reasons 1

From the best residences and vacations to cars, designer clothes and expensive jewelry, celebrities have it all. But sometimes, even they don’t think about what they’re spending it on and they splash cash on useless stuff.

So with that in mind, here are some celebrities that blew tons of money on stuff but then regretted it.

1. Nicolas Cage

The 53-year-old Con Air actor spent hundreds of dollars on a dinosaur skull that later turned out to be stolen.

19 Celebrities That Went Broke For The Stupidest Reasons 1

2. MC Hammer

MC Hammer overspent on his personal staff. Like, seriously. He spent around $500,000 per month and after a few years, he was completely penniless. Can’t touch this.

19 Celebrities That Went Broke For The Stupidest Reasons 2

3. Antoine Walker

He spent the first two years of his retirement buying expensive cars and homes in Chicago, and ultimately racking up some fairly significant gambling debts.


4. Marvin Gaye

You know you’re broke when you’re ordered by the court to record a new album just so you can pay off debts to your ex-wife. That’s what happened to Marvin Gaye.


5. Pamela Anderson

She spent $3 million for platinum tiling at her house which ultimately led her to a massive debt.


6. Comedian Sinbad

This guy invested and lent money to people he didn’t know, which lead him to owe the IRS 2.5 million dollars at one point.


7. Courtney Love

Having to pay off several lawsuits meant that the wife of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain had to sell off the band’s publishing rights, worth $27 million.


8. Mark Twain

Twain invested in a lot of failed inventions which led him to die penniless.


9. Thomas Jefferson

The third president of The States spent a fortune on expensive French wines and house renovations.


10. Gary Coleman

After a series of legal issues and allegations of domestic abuse, Gary Coleman ultimately lost his Diff’rent Strokes money.


11. Toni Braxton

Toni was paid in advance for her albums, but ultimately went broke after she kept spending even after she stopped producing.


12. Mischa Barton

Mischa lost everything on a false accusation against her mother and manager for mismanagement of funds.


13. Terrell Owens

At one point, Owens was worth $80 million, but went broke after he spent a big amount of money on an entertainment center in Alabama that Owens didn’t know was illegal.


14. Dennis Rodman

This guy went broke because of all his piercings.


15. Leif Garret

This 70s heartthrob ended up losing all his money thanks to the Church of Scientology.


16. Dave Foley

This guy owes so much money in child support to the point that he’s not allowed in his own native country, Canada.


17. Allen Iverson

This guy spent $10k a month on groceries. That’s a lot of posh cheese.


18. Michael Jackson

Some of the things that the late pop singer has spent cash on are projects like Never Land and a cow theme park.


19. Mike Tyson

The famous boxer owns, wait for it: 110 cars, a bathtub worth in excess of $2 million, and three, yes, THREE Bengal tigers.



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