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Celebrities Posing With Their Younger Selves


Sometimes while I watch TV or red carpet events, I can’t help but notice how much my favorite celebrities have changed. Even when I see them in movies that are older, I can see the difference. In the list below, you can see celebrities now and then as they pose next to each other. It can sometimes look a little bit creepy but you will definitely see how much they’ve changed over time.

When we see Matthew McConaughey posing next to his younger self, we can truly see he hasn’t changed at all. He has the same cute dimples and smile but he did swap his bow tie for sure.


Even though Christina Aguilera still has her mega voice on point, her appearance has matured a lot. I mean look how classy she looks next to her younger self.


Keanu Reeves proves again that the Matrix really exists and that he has been living it all these years. He really hasn’t changed at all.  I bet no one could tell which picture is his younger self.


Joan Rivers sadly passed away in 2014, she was a vocal proponent of plastic surgery. Her before and after pictures are very similar, so beautiful.


Lady Gaga still has a strong image. She changed her looks a little and we have to say, she rocks everything she wears.


We are very lucky to have two of them. On the left Robert Pattinson looks more like a teenager whileonn the right we can see he has grown up a little.


Leonardo DiCaprio in 1997 and today. Wow, so much time has passed by and he’s still got the cheeky smile going on.

Drew Barrymore looks more solemn now and rocks her look as a brunette. But still, we can’t say she has gone through many drastic changes.


Even though Tom Hanks has lost some of his hair, he looks awesome older too. Can you see that smile? It’s the same!


Amy Adams is just another ageless superstar on our list. She went from a teen to a true lady.


Justin Timberlake will never lose his babyface no matter how much he ages. In the picture he looks like a 10 year old in a suit.


Beyonce looks younger now than in her youth. Maybe she has travelled through time or is drinking the magic Hollywood water. Wow!


We can see that Sandra Bullock grew a lot older, but she still rocks her looks. Between the two Sandra’s below, there’s 20 years of difference.


Julia Roberts looks like herself’s older sister here. But beautiful as always.

Another star drinking that magic Hollywood water. But for sure Justin changed his style and hair now.


Meryl Streep’s elegance will never go away. She’s a true role model!


What do you guys think about these celebrities? Have they changed or not? Leave your comment below.


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