16 People Who Look Exactly Like Your Favorite Celebrities

We stalk (okay, not exactly stalk, we like, follow them on social media) celebrities not just because they are talented but they are also genetically good looking. This is why many fans want to look like them.

In the past, people have gone to extremes trying to look like their favorite celebrities but some people are just gifted to look like them.

Down below, there are 16 people who look a lot like celebrities. You will be shocked! Enjoy!

The guy in the right is Johannes Laschet, a law student and fashion blogger in Germany. He looks a lot like Ryan Gosling.


Charlotte Tighe is Audrey’s doppelganger. She even has her retro outfit style that makes her even more like Hepburn.


Jacky Vasquez rocks Ariana Grande’s signature with the high ponytail. She claimed that she gets mistaken for her all the time.


Francesca Brown hopes that her resemblance to Katy Perry will help her pursue her acting career.


Olivia Herdt looks a lot like popular model Cara Delevingne with the thick eyebrows. She has her own YouTube channel and practices yoga in Uruguay.


For years now, a lot of people have been trying to emulate Megan Fox’s look with the full lips and bright blue eyes. And it’s not a big surprise that a lot of girls want to look like her. Claudia Allende, a Brazilian model, seems to have mastered that art since she looks so much like her.


April Gloria is a cosplayer who looks totally like Taylor Swift. She rocks her Taylor haircut and the red lips.


He is known as “Ed’s evil twin” on Instagram.


British blogger, Megan Flockhart loves cosplay. She loves dressing up as different movie characters but has the most success with Hermoine Granger.


This has to be the closest resemblance until now. The doppelganger has over 30,000 followers on Instagram. I see two Miley Cyrus.


The model from Malaysia has embraced her career also as an actress since she looks like Selena Gomez.


Ellinor Hellborg from Sweden looks totally like singer Adele. She is a beauty blogger and a makeup artist.


Swedish model and skateboarder looks so much like young Leonardo DiCaprio.


Michaela Weeks looks like Britney Spears. She has her own program and goes even on her own concert tours.


This gentleman has mastered the Jon Snow’s look.


Even though Arnold has stepped down from the acting/bodybuilding stage a lot of people have been trying to look like him. Now look at that identical smile…


Source: providr