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These 12 Celebrities Completely Failed At Tattoos

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It’s no secret that a lot of us want or have wanted to get tattoos at some point. Permanent or temporary, tattoos are a cool way of getting interesting art on your body. In a way, they can also showcase one’s personality.

The spots we like to get tattoos can vary from person to person. Some people like to tattoo their arms, some like to do it on their stomach, or perhaps their leg.

And yes, there are even those who go the extra mile and tattoo their private areas. From what I heard, getting tattooed there hurts the most too. Ouch.

But, no matter what part of your body gets inked, you’ll attempt to get a tatto on a part that everyone can see. Well, these celebrities failed at that.

YouTube channel TOP 10 SHOW has organised a list of 12 celebrities who completely failed at getting tattoos.

Which one of these fails is the biggest according to you? Let us know in the comments below!

Source:TOP 10 SHOW

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