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You Won’t Believe That These Celebrities Left Fame For Normal Jobs


A lot of people struggle so hard to make it into the spotlight and the center of attention. So it would be ridiculous to walk away from it, right? Well, people sometimes need a career change and you can’t really blame them. You gotta do what makes you happy. Some celebrities also wanted to pursue another passion and moved on to something else. Actually, it is very cool to see what they decided to do after. You had no idea!

1. Tony Danza

The Who’s The Boss actor left acting and fame to teach high school. He had such an amazing experience that it was a part of a documentary. He also wrote a book about it too.


Source: IMDb Bob D’Amico | Getty Images ABC

2. Nikki Blonsky

Even though Nikki didn’t leave acting behind completely she is working as a cosmetologist in a hair salon. She also is thinking about some new projects in production.


Source: Tumblr | acederekshale

3. Taran Noah Smith

He decided to open a vegan restaurant with his wife. Cute!


Source: IMDb Jordan Strauss | Getty Images

4. Mara Wilson

You remember Matilda right? Well, now Mara is an author and runs a successful blog.


Source: Tumblr | anostalgicnerd

5. Jeff Cohen

The actor is now graduated from UC Berkley and works as a layer.

“It was fun being an actor, but by the time college rolled around, I was ready to try some new things. By the time I graduated, I realized I enjoyed having a normal life and I never went back,”  he said.


Source: IMDb Warner Bros. Entertainment

6. Jonathan Bennet

He teaches spin classes in LA.



7. Rajiv Surendra

We can’t forget the best part about Mean Girls. He works now as a calligraphy artist and makes mind-blowing creations.


Source: Instagram | @rajivsurendra

8. Jessie Cave

Jessie still has a creative career working as an illustrator.


Source: Tumblr | abowlofraisinbran

9. Brittany Ashton Holmes

As for Brittany, she eventually went back to school.


Source:Daily Mail

10. Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie recently launched a cookbook. Who knew he was a foodie?


Source: Tumblr | directors-eyes

11. Rick Moranis

Rick decided to become a full-time dad after his wife passed away. But he still does the occasional voice work too.


Source: IMDb Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

12. Jack Gleeson

Jack also decided to go back to school and continue his studies.



13. Danny Lloyd

Danny a very important role in one of the most iconic horror movies of all time: The Shining. He didn’t even realize that he had been filming a horror movie and didn’t see it until he was an adult. Then, he became a teacher.


Source: Tumblr | spookshowsbaby

14. Kevin Jonas

The former Jonas Brothers band member now develops mobile apps and is a father to two amazing daughters.


Source: Instagram | @kevinjonas
Main Image via Instagram | @kevinjonas

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