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Twelve Celebrities Whose True Height Might Actually Surprise You


One of the numerous things the public is mysteriously hung up on when it comes to celebrities is their height. It’s hard to know why, but people are obsessed with the height of celebrities. There is hardly any famous person whose height won’t appear along with other important information following a quick Google search of their name.


Beware, though, as the results might surprise you. Camera work can be deceiving, and we often perceive who we only know from the TV screen to be shorter or taller than they truly are (cue the Tom Cruise jokes). In films and television shows, this might be due to the physical characteristics of the role they are portraying, while in sports the reason is usually the specific camera work that goes in such broadcasts. In the music business, of course, the stage works its magic. Here are twelve surprises from the celebrity world when it comes to height.

1. Gwendoline Christie and Chris Hemsworth (190 cm / 6’2)

You might have sensed Gwendoline is quite tall from Brienne of Tarth’s stature in Game of Thrones, but you probably wouldn’t have guessed that she’s as tall as Thor.



2. Ashton Kutcher and Maria Sharapova (189 cm / 6’2)

These two hotties stand at 6 feet 2 inches. As if they weren’t pretty enough…


3. Leonardo DiCaprio and Uma Thurman (183 cm / 6 ft)

Both Leo and Uma are not only two legendary actors, but they are two beautiful people who both clock in at the same height.



4. Sigourney Weaver and Chris Evans (182 cm / 6 ft)

You might have expected Captain American to be taller than 6 feet, but then again, Weaver is much taller than the female average.



5. Taylor Swift and Brad Pitt (180 cm / 5’9)

The Oklahoma-born actor appears much taller in his cinematic endeavors, while Taylor is definitely tall enough to model.



6. George Clooney and Tilda Swinton (179 cm / 5’9)

Another two incredible actors who can go toe to toe when it comes to their height as well.


7. Julia Roberts and Johnny Depp (178 cm / 5’8)

Who would have thought Captain Jack Sparrow is less than 6 feet tall, although that would be considered tall in the early XVIII century.


Source:Edge of the Plank

8. Tom Hardy and Jennifer Lawrence (175 cm / 5’7)

Both these heartthrobs and award winning actors stand at 5 feet 7 inches.



9. Kit Harington and Rihanna (173 cm / 5’6)

These two probably seem a couple of inches taller on screen but their numbers are not a big surprise.



10. Beyonce and Dave Franco (170 cm / 5’6)

The mega successful entertainer and the handsome actor are also the same height.



11. Emma Stone and Elijah Wood (168 cm / 5’5)

Emma did appear a little taller in La La Land, but it turns she can fit comfortably in a Shire Hobbit-hole after all.


Source:The Gloss

12. Emma Watson and Bruno Mars (165 cm / 5’4)

Bruno Mars always appeared rather short, but it now transpires it’s not the Beast who is huge, it is Belle who is quite petite!



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