Celebrities Who Look Exactly Like Disney Characters


We all have a favorite Disney character. If you’re a girl, perhaps you grew up gushing over Rapunzel’s luscious golden locks or marveled in delight at Snow White’s flawless beauty. Even boys, before sports took a hold of their life, loved Disney and no doubt envied the heroism and masculinity of Hercules and Flynn Rider.

But now we’re older and more attuned to reality, our blissful ignorance is no longer with us. And as our dreams of meeting our Disney heroes vanish as fast as our dreams of being pop stars, we begin to accep a life that couldn’t be further removed from the magical and mythical world of Disney. Yet, in a faraway land called Hollywood, many beautiful people roam through sun-dappled roads and majestic mansions. Are they Disney characters? No. But judging by their fabled appearances, they’re the next best thing. Some Disney Characters are actually based on movie stars or some celebrities just have a spooky resemblance to our favorite Disney characters!

Here are ten striking examples of Hollywood stars who look exactly like our favorite Disney characters.

Source:Avant et Après


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