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How Do Celebrities Not Have Acne? An Aesthetician Reveals The Secrets


Acne can be a total pain in the face, not only do those pimples like to pop up at the most inconvenient time they also like to hang around and invite their friends. We’re all use to the jam face phenomenon of the teenage years, but when that phase doesn’t ‘phase out’ it times to take action.

Take celebrities, contrary to popular belief they too are humans, just like us, and are also predisposed to the temperamental flare ups, they just got good info on how to deal with them!

Katy Perry knows the score…

Katy Perry Is No Stranger To Acne


Adam Levine too…

Neither Is Adam Levine


So how exactly do celebrities discourage the dreaded break outs?

Aesthetician for the stars, Renée Rouleau, works with celebs like Demi Lovato and Lisa Rinna, and was asked by E! Online about star skincare.

Demi Lovato looking spot-free and beautiful!

How Do Celebrities Fend Off Cystic Blemishes (Acne)


Celeb Skincar 101

  1. The Doctor

People in the public eye, who’s faces are their moneymakers, can’t hide away until a deep cystic blemish has vanished. These craters can last up to three weeks. When they feel the onset symptoms they can pop over to the dermatologist, get a quick shot of cortisone, drop $100 and the pus bucket will be gone by morning.

2. A high frequency wand

A  celebrity aestheticians favourite as its super quick and easy to use. After extracting the blemishes the wand kills the bacteria that has been left behind to stop repeat offenders. That’d be five minutes and $20 please!

A high frequency wand

Cameron is a long time sufferer of volatile skin conditions


3. Topical medication

A cheaper alternative to doctor and dermatologist trips for cystic acne is using ethyl lactate to decrease the bacteria and reduce inflammation. You can purchase products in your local pharmacy – just ensure they include ethyl lactate.

4. Ice cubes

To reduce inflammation instantly press ice cubes on the affected area to decrease redness and pain.

5. Reduce lasting scars

Rouleau also suggests using products with glycolic acid to fade the scarring left behind after the blemishes are healed.

Renee Rouleau has her own line of skincare treatments for cystic acne


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