Wanna Know How Celebrities Would Look If They Weren’t Famous? One Artist Used Photoshop To Give You A Taste


While celebrities would like us to think that they’re just regular people, we know that not to be true, that’s why we covet their hair, style and partners. One quick-witted artist decided to stick a bunch of celebrities into Photoshop to give them a more regular feel with dodgy hair cuts, a few extra pounds and a questionable fashion sense. The results are epic as Johnny Depp becomes Joe Soap and Rihanna a regular Nancy. Just goes to show you stardom affords you style and a certain je ne sais quoi… that could transform any of us in the opposite of what we are! Take a look at the celebrities list below and enjoy every minute of it.

1. The Jolie-Pitt Hill Billy Duo


2. Mr. and Mrs. Who Now?


3. Miss Whatshername?


4. Did you hit him baby one more time?


5. Where’s your bike Depp?


6. Yikes


7. Just another troubled teen…


8. Oooh what would Carrie say about that hair?


9. Methinks the artist is not an Aniston fan…


10. They look like nice neighbors!


Honestly, these pictures are hilarious. I can already imagine their lives exactly like he did. If you guys felt the vibe and liked this post, make sure to share it with your friends. Also make sure to leave a comment below.


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