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These Pictures Of Celebrities In A Bowl Of Ramen Are So Funny


All my life, I dream for the moment when I’ll see a celebrity casually in the street and take a picture with him. But now, we can Photoshop movie stars and other personalities into our pics so why stop there? Why not Photoshop them anywhere they need to be? Why not put your favorite celebrity into bowls of ramen?

What? Well, this is what this Celebrities in Ramen Instagram page does, puts celebrities and movie stars into delicious bowls of noodles. If you are still curious, check the pictures down below and enjoy!

1. Well, Amy Poehler doesn’t seem very happy to be there

2. While Brad Pitt is more than ready

3. I think it’s gonna be a long time before Elton John gets out of this bowl though

4. And Snoop Dogg is enjoying a nice nap here

5. Chrissy Teigen knows that the broth is too hot to relax in

6. Ryan Reynolds trained for his role in Deadpool much?

7. Hillary Clinton is about to jump in the soup

8. Michael Cera is off for a swim. Bye!

9. The Rock is going for a nice dip taking his puppies too

10. Tom Hanks is having a Castaway moment

11. Will Ferrell is not wasting time

12. Dave Grohl is in his personal Nirvana, awww

13. Oprah is in raaaaaaa-meeeeeeeeen!

14. Just a relaxing night for Selena Gomez here

15. Roger Federer cuts loose with a nice bath

In 1996, two years before he turned professional, Roger Federer was spotted by king of tennis Michael Chang while working as a bar back at Ramen Land; Switzerland’s 5th most popular tourist attraction. He’d stand in one bowl and wallop the chillies and moderate sized bits of meat to his friends in the other bowls with the racket he’d sneak into work in order to keep his arm in for the tournaments he’d have each weekend. That arm did him the world of good when Michael whisked him away to the big leagues Pro Tour and his dream career. Roger Federer has always looked that age.@rogerfederer #rogerfederer #federer #tennis #switzerland #swiss #tennis #ramen #ramenland #michaelchang #professional #sports #sportsman #champion #bowl #soup #broth #noodles #servingsuggestion

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16. While Cara Delevingne has had enough of all of this

Internet is pretty amazing but for sure though, I wasn’t expecting to come across Oprah Winfrey in ramen today when I woke up, even though I am glad I did. Did you guys enjoy these celebraties in ramen? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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