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These Celebrities Have Gone Too Far With Plastic Surgery


If there was ever a time when cosmetic surgery was a profitable business, it’s now. A lot of people are doing cosmetic surgery, and it’s usually for two reasons.

  1. To look better
  2. To look more like someone else

When will the latter kind learn that they just can’t match the person they want to look like…

Anyways, cosmetic surgeries all over the world, particularly in the US are growing every year. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, last year alone, plastic surgery procedures were up 71% on 2010, and people had spent $10.1 billion on breast implants, buttock lifts, collagen and nose jobs. All across 2013, $12 billion was spent on procedures, which once again proves that this decade is the most profitable for plastic surgery.

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Of course, while cosmetic surgery is fine, like with everything in modern society, it has its limits. Too many plastic surgery procedures, and in time, the person looks nothing like they used to. It is not only damaging for appearance, it is also extremely damaging for people’s bank accounts, case in point being that Brazilian guy who spent almost half a million on plastic surgery procedures and is being called the living Ken doll.

YouTube channel TheRichest has combined a list of 10 famous people who have been caught in the endless cycle of constantly performing plastic surgery procedures on themselves, and as a result, look nothing like themselves anymore.

We’ll let you decide how they look after watching the video. When you do, share your thoughts in the comments.


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