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40 Celebrities That Underwent Plastic Surgery In 2015


You will be simply astonished how many celebrities underwent plastic surgery in one form or another during 2015! It’s probably a jaw-dropping number, but right here, we only have 40.

Only 40, really?

Now, almost a year since it went into the history books, we finally have the most extensive compilation of all the celebrity noses, breasts, lips and teeth that changed during the course of 2015.

We’re wondering… is this a precedent, or we simply didn’t have viral videos to show the extent of such intervention in the lives of the famous in the past? Were previous years equally productive and profitable for celebrity-treating plastic surgeons, but we somehow managed to miss this fact?

In any case, check out the video and find out what noses, lips and breasts didn’t make the cut. The dilemma here would be left for you to decide on… Were these wise choices, or is Hollywood too hard with its beauty standards? So hard, in fact, that some of these changes are hardly noticeable?


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