25 Prom Photos Celebrities Didn't Want To Become Viral

25 Prom Photos Celebrities Didn’t Want To Become Viral


Is there anyone out there who doesn’t remember their prom night? Of course not. It’s the one night that marks the end of the teenage era and the beginning of the era of adulthood we were yet to embark. However, there are still some people who would gladly forget this night of fancy dresses and suits, only because of a slightly embarrassing outfit they wore. Fashion trends change constantly throughout time, so there’s honestly nothing you have to be ashamed of.

However, to your surprise, among all these people are presumably even some of the celebrities we all adore. Yes, the glamorous celebrities that seem to be the most “perfect” creatures on planet Earth who look astonishing all of the time. The ones that are somehow ageless beyond explanation.

Here is a compilation of some celebrities’ prom photos from the past that will most definitely remind you of the fact we all seem to forget- we are all human. Therefore, we ain’t perfect.

So go on, check out these 25 hilarious photos of some of your favorite stars and let us know which photo was actually your favorite.

1. Michelle Obama


The former First Lady never ceases to impress us her with her glamorous style! Even on her prom night, she looks as astonishing as ever!

2. Will Ferrell


This hilarious actor was certainly the funniest pal in class.

3. Claire Danes


One of the most adorable actresses, for sure!

4. Danielle Fisher and Lance Bass


Yes, Topanga went to prom with Lance Bass from *NSYNC. Jealous, maybe?

5. Jimmy Fallon


Why does the host of late-night show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, looks like everyone but Jimmy Fallon?

6. Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt’s prom-date was probably so excited he chose her, she decided to wear a “wedding dress!”

7. George Clooney


The ladies probably adored this great-looking actor since the day he was born.

8. Matthew McConaughey


Matthew? Is that you?

9. Ashton Kutcher


He was in the spotlight, that’s for sure.

10. Jennifer Aniston


The dress is gorgeous, but the hairstyle not so much.

11. Julia Roberts


She just isn’t herself without that smile is she?

12. Ellen Degeneres


Well, here’s a celebrity that certainly didn’t want anyone to dig up her prom-night photo.

13. Jessica Alba


Does she also regret choosing this dress? What do you think?

14. Beyonce


If I were him, I would show this photo to everyone, everyday. P.S. nevermind her dress, she’s Beyonce, dammit!

15. John Hamm


Not quite Don Draper, but not half bad!

16. Halle Berry


She is beautiful of course. But I personally think she resembles a bride. What do you think?

17. Ru Paul



18. Kelly Pickler


Christina-Aguilera-looking much?

19. Carrie Underwood


Why do they look like a 30-something married couple?

20. Amy Poehler


Although it was a definitely fab-looking dress, she must have had some difficulties wearing it.

21. Tupac


Baby-face! But his date’s sleeve… Oh dear Lord.

22. Blake Lively


What’s with the arms, mate?

23. Natalie Portman


The actress just looks so uncomfortable…

24. Kim Kardashian


Why isn’t this a selfie?

25. Scarlet Johansson


That look… I just simply can’t.


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