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Celebrities spending some quality time with their moms


There is nothing wrong being a mama’s boy. Boys who take care of their moms, love and honor them grow to stronger men. Even though a lot of rappers might represent themselves like they are tough and bad boys, they still find some time to hang out with their moms and appreciate them. We collected some of the cutest pictures between rappers and their mama bears.


Jay Z had only one woman on a pedestal before Queen B came in his life. His mom played a big role in his life, and he also dedicated the song “You Must Love Me” to her. It was an apology for all the times he messed up.


Swizz Beatz was a difficult child to raise. Her mother sent him to live with his uncles in Atlanta. He said if it wasn’t for that trip, he wouldn’t have began to record and produce music because his uncles worked for Ruff Ryders.


Big Pun was open about the ups and downs he went through with his mother. He witnessed her drug abuse and his father’s death. It took a long time to overcome the past, but they managed to become close before his untimely death in 2000.


The world knows that Eminem and his mother have had a rough relationship. She was often absent for him but he was a difficult boy too. Eminem claims to have apologized, and said he better understands her now as a father.


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