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These 10 Celebrities Have Way Too Many Tattoos

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It’s no secret that all of us have wanted to get a tattoo at some point in our lives. Celebrities included.

I’m sure your favorite celebrity has at least one tattoo adorning their body.

Tattoos, both permanent and temporary, are a good way not only to use your body as a showcase for some intricate art, but also to express your personality.

Of course, absolutely covering your body to absurd levels with dozens of tattoos will not appeal to everyone. However, these celebrities have more than just their initials tattooed on their wrist.

Weird Alien has compiled a list of celebrities who have a huge amount of tattoos peppered all over their bodies. Some of these are actually well known for their tattoos, but in the eyes of most people, these actors are just covered in ink.

Which one of these do you think has the most tattoos? Let us know in the comments below!

Source:Weird Alien

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