15 Celebrities Who Are Turning 50 In 2018 And We Are All Crying

Turning fifty is a milestone that many people are afraid to reach. Aging is terrifying for some, and celebrities are not exceptions. Next year, we are going to witness many iconic celebrities reaching this big milestone and we can’t wait to see them looking flawless as ever, even after five decades.

Here are 15 celebrities that will turn 50 in 2018, brought to you by AuntyAcid.

1. Daniel Craig

Famous Mister Bond will be turning 50 in March 2018. I wonder how he feels about reaching this milestone? He is probably a bit sad.


2. Celine Dion

The favorite pop icon of many, Celine Dion, will also turn 50 in March next year. Can you imagine what her birthday party would look like? Probably full of beautiful music and fabulous people.

3. Owen Wilson

Your favorite funnyman Owen Wilson will also turn 50 next year! Unbelievable! The Wedding Crashers star certainly does not look his age. We are envious!

4. Ashley Judd

The beautiful actress and political activist Ashley Judd will be turning 50 on April 19th next year. I just can’t believe she is reaching this milestone! She looks fabulous!

5. Will Smith

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is going to be 50 soon and we are all crying! This talented actor simply rocks every single role he takes on.

6. Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu will be the first of the most recent troupe of Charlie’s Angels to reach the 50-milestone. It seems like it was only yesterday when the movie came out. Don’t you still want to watch it? I sure do!

7. Cuba Gooding Jr.

The Men of Honor actor Cuba Gooding Jr. will also be turning 50 in 2018!

8. Gillian Anderson

Special Agent Scully will be turning 50 in 2018. This gif below says it all about how she probably feels right now!

9. Kylie Minogue

Our favorite star Kylie is turning 50 and it just feels like I’m getting old. Are you feeling the same way? A magical woman, indeed! She looks too good for her age.

10. Hugh Jackman

Believe it or not, 2018 is going to be actor Hugh Jackman’s 50th year on Earth, too. Don’t you think he is just getting better with age?

11. Kristin Chenoweth

The original Glinda is turning 50 in 2018 and you are probably dying to see her in Wicked.

12. Brendan Fraser

We haven’t heard much from Brendan Fraser lately, but that doesn’t make the youthful-looking actor’s big milestone next year any less significant.

13. Molly Ringwald

Iconic actress, singer, dancer and author Molly Ringwald is turning 50 next year. Thinking of The Breakfast Club makes me kind of nostalgic now.

14. Terry Crews

Besides being named as one of the people of the year by Time Magazine, actor and former football star Terry Crews will also be turning 50 next year.

15. Naomi Watts

Beautiful and talented Naomi Watts is also going to be 50 in 2018! Can we all stop aging, please?

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Source: auntyacid