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How 66 Celebrities Look With And Without Makeup

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Did you ever wonder how many celebrities you would recognize if you saw them in the street without an entourage, not surrounded by paparazzi and most importantly without makeup?

Now you have a chance to find out. In only six minutes, this video will show you the every day, no makeup look of sixty-six celebrities.

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And while you would truly have a difficult time of recognizing some of them, it is obvious others do not use a lot of makeup anyway. Sometimes there is hardly any difference in their appearance. Lucky devils!

The comments section makes for an interesting read, with numerous users wondering why so many of the people in the video insist on using tons of makeup when they look perfectly fine with very little or none at all.

Gio Marrocco wondered:

“Am I the only one who thinks that most of them look really good without makeup??”, with her comment being liked 162 times.

I don’t think she is the only one. Question answered with likes.

without 2

Other comments that have garnered numerous ‘thumbs up’ have praised Demi Lovato, Anne Hathaway and Beyonce’s natural looks.

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The video was compiled by CompilationMania, a Youtube channel that specializes in compilations and collages on makeup, body transformations, plastic surgery comparisons as well as various mixes and humorous montages.

Kudos to them for the circus-esque music too, loving it!

Watch the full six minutes here.


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