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These 10 Celebs Aren’t Ready To Admit They’ve Had Plastic Surgery

Christina Agiliera
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It’s commonly known that a lot of people aren’t born naturally beautiful.

There are a lot of simple methods to cover up our imperfections. But even if those don’t work, there’s always the extra yard that some people go: plastic surgery.

As you might be aware, there are quite a few Hollywood stars who have performed at least one plastic surgery procedure in their life, but not all of them will admit it.

This video, by TheTalko, shows 10 of those celebs that are just too shy to admit they’ve gone under the knife.

This video talks about some celebrities who have very obviously gone under the knife once or more, but aren’t ready to admit it.

Plastic surgery is noticeable on all of these celebrities, but they just simply won’t admit that they have undergone surgery.

Did your favorite celeb appear on this list? Are you cool with them getting plastic surgery?

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