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14 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Recognize When They Were Young

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There are a ton of actors and celebs that we know for their more recent roles and efforts. In other words, a ton of actors and celebs who we didn’t really know when they got started, but overtime, they had a role or two that fully brought them into the spotlight and made them the legends they are today.

As a result of that, most people tend to overlook their early efforts, which is why when we see photos of them in their early days and we mostly have a hard time believing it’s them.

With that in mind, take a look at these actors and celebrities the way they look nowadays (the way they’re mostly known) compared to a photo of one of their early roles or efforts.

A certainly noticeable difference to start out with

14 Celebrities You Won't Recognize In Their Young Age Forms 1

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Almost unrecognizable without the Dumbledore beard

I kinda prefer that mustache he has, though.

14 Celebrities You Won't Recognize In Their Young Age Forms 2

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Look how gorgeous she was back then!


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If you didn’t tell me this was the late Christopher Lee, I wouldn’t have known


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Still easy to tell that it’s good old Steve

With those big, prominent eyes.


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The author of the Harry Potter books doesn’t seem to age all that much

What happened to her freckles though?


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The resemblance is there, just not as much


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You can’t miss Stallone, old or not.


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One of the “Whoa, that’s really them?” comparisons


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Certainly a difference, isn’t there?


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The familiar lips have always been there


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Patrick Stewart is the true definition of someone who doesn’t age

The guy is 77 years old and looks the same as when he played Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise back in 1987!


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Just dye his hair in a darker color and I wouldn’t be able to spot the difference!


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Still just as memorable of a face as he was in Back To The Future

Great Scott!


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