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16 Celebrity Photos That Had An Awkward Teen Phase, Just Like You


Remember those good old teenage days when all you cared about was if your braids will make for a perfect curly hair the next morning? Or was it the phase when you decided that you will start wearing tons of makeup, just because everyone else was doing it? Many of us had these teenage phases that quickly passed. Celebrities had them, too. It’s not like Taylor Swift always looked like this perfect red-lipped blonde she is now. They, too, looked awkward in their childhood and teen days. Try recognizing them in the following pictures.

1. Jimmy Kimmel

Although it blurry and far away, you can sense the awkwardness radiating from this little stud! Some wouldn’t even recognize him.


Source: Twitter | @jimmykimmel

2. Blake Lively

First of all, this picture has a lot of good stuff. The matching goggles, the cat, and the radiating smile on Blake’s face. We’ve been there, Blake, and we’ve done that, too! It’s so comforting to see pictures of celebrities going all awkward, isn’t it?


Source: Instagram | @blakelively

3. Jamie Foxx

Okay, need some time to recover from just looking at this photo! I can’t believe Jamie looked like this! So cute! And, yeah, bless puberty!


Source: CubeBreaker

4. Eminem

Sorry, who? Eminem? Now I see what he looked like when he actually had hair. His smile is the cutest thing that happened to me today.


Source: Twitter | @complex

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift used to wear cool hairstyles like these! Remember that phase during your teens? Getting braids and showing them off was totally cool! I get it, Taylor, we used to be so chic back then.


Source: Perez Hilton | Instagram | @taylorswift

6. Topher Grace

Eric Foreman from That ’70s Show was really glowing back in the days!


Source: Twitter | @tophergrace

7. Tina Fey

OMG! Where to start? Her hairstyle is so cool, but her facial expression makes her appear a bit awkward. She is still great, though.


Source: Celeb Yearbook Photos

8. Angelina Jolie

At least her lips haven’t changed, contrary to some rumors. She is so young and innocent!


Source: Imgur | trucifer

9.  Stephen Colbert

It kinda makes you feel good about your awkward childhood, doesn’t it? Thank you for that, Stephen Colbert.


Source: Twitter | @StephenAtHome

10. Sarah Silverman

She sure looks way different now, but you can’t really blame her for being a bit awkward back then.


Source: Twitter | @SarahKSilverman

11. Ryan Seacrest

He is so different nowadays! And we love him just the way he is.


Source: Imgur | TinyTaters

12. Ben Platt

Long before he starred in Pitch Perfect, Ben Platt looked like an ordinary middle school boy.


Source: Twitter | @BenSPLATT

13. Alison Brie

Is that headgear? Oh, she had to wear headgear overnight! Anyway, she is beautiful!


Source: Instagram | @officialalibrie

14. Reese Witherspoon

The most adorable teen face I’ve seen today! Reese is nothing but smiles even nowadays.


Source: Instagram | @reesewitherspoon

15. Justin Timberlake

Acne doesn’t make exceptions for celebrities, and Justin is the real proof. And how cute are those curls?


Source: Pinterest | debhumm

16. Katy Perry

Her teen outfit is so unique! That sweet face will never change.


Source: Twist Magazine | MySpace | katyperry

Here are some more celebrities on the list of awkward.

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