Celebrity Couples Who Prove Love Can Last Forever


Gossip about celebrity couples usually centers around the latest fall out, break-up or divorce, rarely do people commit column inches to the couples whose relationships have persevered. This trend tends to make people think that every celebrity coupling is doomed to be diesel for the rumour mill and kickstart the next celebrity scandal.

However…there are couples who have managed to avoid the media spotlight just because their relationship is too boring to sell ad space or get the chin waggers het up. We’ve collected some of the long term loves that prove that not all relationships on the A list are voodooed from the get go!

1. Michael Caine And Shakira Baksh – 43 Years Together


2. Kirk Douglas And Anne Buydens – 62 Years Together


3. Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson- 28 Years Together


4. Victoria Beckham And David Beckham – 19 Years Together

4 Victoria Beckham And David Beckham – 19 Years Together

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