These Celebrity Crushes From Your Childhood Look Remarkably Awesome Today (10 Photos)

382511 05: Pop band *NSYNC and the MSN network of internet services pose at the L''Ermitage hotel to announced their new co-branded internet access service November 28, 2000 in Los Angeles, CA. Pictured here is Justin Timberlake (Photo by Jason Kirk/Newsmakers)

Some of these stars we’ve grown up with while others have faded back into obscurity. Seeing the ones you haven’t thought of since you were a kid brings back a certain nostalgia for the past, and a the realization too, that you also have grown up. These guys have definitely weathered well!


  1. Miley Cyrus

From girlie to glam in just a few years, Miley has strutted though the different stages of growing up like a cat in a cocktail bar.



2.Rider Strong

Best known in the 90’s sitcom Boy Meet World and then the 2014 sequel, Girl Meets World.



3. Kirsten Dunst

A silver screen favourite, Dunst still looks like the girl next door.



4. Johnny Depp

You’d have to live in a box not to know who this man is.



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