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Sixteen Daughters Of Celebrities Who Have Inherited Their Fathers’ Charisma


The phrase like father like daughter might be used all the time, but in the case of these sixteen daughters, it rings especially true. Born to beautiful and talented parents, these children grew up to be like their fathers in many ways. They are not kids anymore, though, and they are all looking for their own place under the sun with varying levels of success; nevertheless, their fathers’ charm and charisma shining through is obvious for everyone to see.

1. Bruce Willis and Tallulah Belle Willis


When she was 20 years old, Tallulah went into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, after being given an ultimatum by her parents. Now aged 23, she seems to be doing better and runs her own line of clothing apparel.

2. Johnny Depp and Lily-Rose Melody Depp


The Paris-born model starred in a campaign for Chanel’s beauty line this year, in addition to pursuing an acting career like her dad.

3. Paul Walker and Meadow Walker


The 18-year-old daughter of the late actor and producer who tragically died in a traffic accident back in 2013 recently made headlines when the internet discovered how pretty she was.

4. Bono and Eve Hewson


Dublin-born actress Eve Hewson, 25, made her breakthrough in the 2011 drama This Must Be The Place directed by Paolo Sorrentino. She also appeared in Steven Soderbergh’s TV series The Knick.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger


Not only is she the Terminator’s daughter, she is also a great-niece of John F. Kennedy. In 2010, she wrote a book entitled Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back, in which she encourages other young women to achieve confidence and a positive self-image by sharing her own journey down the same road.

6. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Bianca Brigitte Van Damme


The former speed skater who once harbored Olympic hopes is now firmly dedicated to her acting career. She appeard in action movies such as 6 Bullets and Welcome to the Jungle alongside her father.

7. Phil Collins and Lily Collins


28-year-old Lily studied journalism but has since moved to acting where she is carving out a successful career which extends to independent films, as well as more commercial roles. She has also done modeling and was named International Model of the Year by Spanish magazine Glamour in 2007.

8. Gordon Ramsay and Matilda Ramsay


The Scottish chef’s daughter has her own cooking entertainment program titled Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch which follows their family’s holiday exploits. Its third season premiered on CBBC last month.

9. Alec Baldwin and Ireland Baldwin


Ireland, 21, has already been on the pages of numerous high-profile magazines including Vanity Fair. This year, she was on the covers of Elle Bulgaria, L’Officiel Ukraine and Marie Claire Mexico.

10. Mick Jagger and Elizabeth Jagger


New York-born Lizzie, 33, has been gracing runways since 1998. As of March 2014, she is the model for Hotel ROW NYC.

11. Keith Richards and Theodora Richards


The 32-year-old proved she does take after her father when she was arrested for spraying graffiti on an NYC convent wall in 2011 and had drugs in her possession. Other than that, she has modeled successfully in addition to studying painting and drawing.

12. Clint Eastwood and Francesca Eastwood


The socialite has appeared in her family’s own reality show called Mrs. Eastwood and Company. She was Miss Golden Globe for 2013 and starred in Fargo’s third season alongside her mother.

13. Sting and Fuschia Sumner


The 35-year-old actress was listed as one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful in 2005 and has appeared in several movies since including Saving Mr. Banks and Billy the Kid.

14. Sylvester Stallone and Sistine, Sophia & Scarlet Stallone


Aged 20, 18, and 14 respectively, the three beauties have already landed their first magazine cover when they appeared in and also guest edited the April 2017 issue of Harper by Harper’s BAZAAR.


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