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15 Celebrity GoT Fans Who Can’t Stop Drooling Over The Show


Every Sunday night, millions of fans around the world tune in to find out the latest episode of epicness unfurl in the Seven Kingdoms. However, you might fail to realize that at the same moment you’re sitting down in front of the screen with your popcorn, some really famous people are too. Here are the fifteen most notable celebrity GoT diehards out there.


1. Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool is a huge GoT fan and his wife, Blake Lively, has gone on record revealing Ryan even tries to illegally download episodes before they air, such is his impatience to see the newest installments!


Source: Instagram | @vancityreynolds

2. Leslie Jones

It’s no secret that the Saturday Night Live star loves live-tweeting about her favorite shows, and Thrones is no exception as she constantly spouts out 140 characters of GoT-inspired love.


Source: Instagram | @lesdogggg

3. Jay Z and Beyoncé

The king and queen of hip hop are so obsessed with George R. R. Martin’s masterpiece that Jay Z once gifted his wife an actual dragon egg from the show.


Source: Instagram | @beyonce

4. Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo has recently joined the GoT bandwagon by expressing her excitement for the latest season on social media, although according to some she’s been following the show for a while.


Source: Instagram | @jlo

5. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

These adorable natives of Detroit’s northern suburbs have another thing in common: they are both totally immersed in the Tales of Dunk and Egg, regularly sressing up in Thrones apparel.


Source: Instagram | @daxshepard

6. Snoop Dogg

After putting in work in the studio, The Doggfather has admitted he likes to sit back, relax and watch Game of Thrones just like the rest of us.


Source: Instagram | @snoopdogg

7. Madonna

This super detailed Daenerys cosplay suits Madonna so well there is no doubt that the Material Girl fits with the most dedicated GoT fans, celebrity or not.


Source: Instagram | @madonna

8. Elijah Wood

The actor and DJ who became known the world over for starring in an equally loved fantasy production seems to love Westeros and Essos as much as he loves Middle Earth.


Source: Twitter | @elijahwood

9. Elizabeth Banks

Hardworking actress, Elizabeth Banks, always finds time to enjoy an episode of Game of Thrones, even managing to catch up on special features and interviews between seasons.


Source: Instagram | @elizabethbanks

10. Kerry Washington

Kerry is considered to be one of the biggest GoT fans in Hollywood, but story has it it was actually her mother that got her into the show!


Source: Instagram | @kerrywashington

11. Anna Kendrick

Pitch Perfect star, Anna Kendrick, sings the praises for Game of Thrones on a regular basis. As a thank you, HBO even sent her a custom House Kendrick musical box.


Source: Instagram | @annakendrick47 | Twitter | @AnnaKendrick47

12. Zach Braff

Star of Garden State and Scrubs, Zach Braff, is another one who can’t help but tut the Thrones horn on every possible occasion. You can usually find him on Twitter or Instagram routinely showing his infatuation for what he rated as an A+ show.


Source: Instagram | @zachbraff

13. Jennifer Lawrence

The lovable multi-faceted actress is often defined as being “relatable,” and what’s more relatable than having a fanatic dedication for Game of Thrones? We bet a viewing party J-Law’s place would be amazing!



14. Nick Jonas

The third Jonas Brother, Nick, is another one who can’t stop talking about his affection for GoT. He admitted that upon meeting Emilia Clarke he couldn’t help but express his love for the show. Nothing to be ashamed of there.


Source: Instagram | @nickjonas

15. Barack Obama

The former president is a big fan of the show and had a privilege of being screened episodes before they aired, courtesy of the creators and producers. Is this the reason why Donald Tramp ran for office?!


Source: Instagram | @barackobama

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