A-List Kids And Their Aesthetics

A-List Kids And Their Aesthetics

A-List Kids

Looking at candids of celebrities and their A-list kids is one of my favorite pastime activities for the moment. It’s just so incredible to see how they’ve grown throughout the years and formed into their own people with absolutely fantastic aesthetics.

Let’s go look at some cool kids:

1. Ska Punk Offspring

Gwen Stefani was probably the coolest rock-chick to appear in the ’90s. She was a trendsetter on several fronts. From the ska punk attire to the bindis and her signature Marlyn platinum-blonde hair, she remains to be one of the most inspiring well-dressed people in the music industry. And as the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, her 10-year old son Kingston is not far behind in the aesthetics department.

A-List Kids 1

Source: Zimbio

He is usually seen rocking a mohawk. He also experiments with different colors, just as his mom did.

A-List Kids 2

Source: Popsugar

2. Apple of My Eye

The Martins are one of the most talked about couples in the industry. The matrimony between this immensely talented actress and the rocket-to-stardom Brit pop musician resulted in a beautiful baby girl in 2004, which they named Apple.

A-List Kids 3

Source: 6plus

Apple is a spitting image of both her parents. She takes her mom’s eyes and his father’s teeth. Apple has a certain French sensibility when it comes to her facial features.

They look more and more as best friends as she is growing up in a fine young lady.

A-List Kids 4

Source: Refinery 29

3. Shiloh Jolie Pitt

Nothing was more important back in the days than when the news of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt dating dropped. Their first biological child together was a long-awaited celebrity baby. And the Jolie-Pitt’s gene pool did not fail to deliver.

A-List Kids 5

Source: Popsugar

Shiloh has got to be one of the prettiest faces to grace this planet. And maybe one of the most-forward looking celebrity child. She made the headlines when her dad was quoted saying she experimented with boys clothes. She even once walked the red carpet wearing a tuxedo.

It’s good to see a family who doesn’t insist to gender label their child’s aesthetics in its formative years.

A-List Kids 6

Source: Just Jared

4.The Exuberant Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise was such a darling when she was little. She and her mom were often spotted for an outing together, Suri in her mom’s arms. One of their fashion trademarks were their pairing hair styles. They were once spotted wearing a short bob. They both looked adorable!

A-List Kids 7

Source: Suri Cruise Clothes

This little princess is 10 years old today and looks like she will develop into a serious fashionista!

A-List Kids 8

Source: Marie Claire

5. Violet Affleck

The daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner has such a detached and carefree look to her that just screams cool!

A-List Kids 9


It seems like her forte are the accessories, i.e her glasses. The pink and red frames are such a nice touch!

A-List Kids 10

Source: Public

6. Brooklyn ‘Posh’ Beckham!

Brooklyn Beckham is the prime example of a fine Brit lad! He managed to inherit his mom and dad’s looks and ever since he has grown into a rather elegant male specimen!

A-List Kids 11

Source: Zimbio

Brooklyn himself is affiliated to fashion. He was featured as the photographer for the 2016 Burberry Brit Fragrance campaign. He was one of the faces featured for the latest generation of Huawei’s smartphones.


A-List Kids 12

Source: In Style
Main image via Popsugar

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