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Celebrity Kids Who Got The Right Genes

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The narrator of this video is right: Celebrity kids are like little science experiments, to see just how perfect a human being can be.

Hollywood royalties, models, enterpreneurs – they all look gorgeous most of the time, and some of their children are really lucky. They pick up genes that make them even more gorgeous than their parents. So, if your mom is the epitome of perfection, supermodel Cindy Crawford, it’s almost certain that you’ll look like Kaia Jordan Gerber. The girl already has modelling deals and some even argue that she’s even prettier than her mom, which probably makes Cindy very proud.

And Kaia is not the only example. While ‘Mallrats’ director Kevin Smith is no Cindy Crawford, his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, is not only gorgeous, but inherited his sense of humor as well.

1. Kaia Gerber

As you can see, she is rocking her modeling career.

kids 1

2. Harley Quinn Smith

She is definitely making a name for herself appearing in some of her dad’s movies.

kids 2

3. Alexa Ray Joel

Even though she doesn’t look very much like her mother (maybe more like her father), Alexa is a true supermodel who also describes herself as a songwriter.

kids 3

4. Sailor Brinkley Cook

She is pursuing a successful modeling career, just like her mom.

kids 4

5. Ava Sambora

She started modeling in a young age when she was only 12 years old.

kids 5

You will see them and many more in the video below. Prepare to see some genetic beauty and wits!

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