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The Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails

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You’d think celebrities would be flawless when it comes to makeup and wardrobe, right? All those expensive stylists, makeup artists and assistants…

Yet, lighting can be rather treacherous. What looked good in the studio or at home sometimes becomes a nightmare on the red carpet. So some of them either need to fire their makeup artists, or they need to stop thinking they can do makeup themselves. Because with some of them, it looks exactly like what they were trying to do.

However, this gives us a chance to feel like celebrities, at least for a few minutes until the video’s up. Because if it can happen to them, it can happen to everyone!

Jokes aside, celebrities are people too. It would be totally unfair of us to gloat at what you’re about to see.

Still, some of these… Really? You couldn’t do better than that?

What’s your worst makeup story? Tell us in the comments, don’t leave us hanging!

Source:Celebrity Facts

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