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Find Out What Celebrity Is Your Soulmate According To The Month Of Your Birth

What Celebrity Is Your Soulmate

There are oceans of stuff on the internet charting who you are according to the month you were born in, many of them claiming to hold the key to you finding your soulmate.

This is nothing new. Astrology has been figuring out the effects celestial objects have on human affairs since the second millennium BCE.

Today, we will mix it up a bit and apply that knowledge to the celebrity world. So read up on your perfect famous soulmate according to the month of your birth.

January: Ryan Reynolds

If your were born during the first month of the year, your soulmate would undoubtedly be Ryan Reynolds. You are a funny and quick witted person, with a special gift for irony and sarcasm. Maybe you ought to send a tweet to Ryan Rodney?

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 1

Source: Lars Niki | Getty Images

February: Mickey Rourke

February babies have a wild, unpredictable, untameable side to them. So has Mickey Rourke. At the height of his fame, the actor decided to go back to his first love – boxing – and fought professionally for a while.

You will definitely have a lot of fun with ole Mickey. Two thrill-seekers like you, there wouldn’t be a tame date, ever.

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 2

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March: Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd is the perfect guy for all of you sensitive artists born in the month of March.

The New Jersey-born actor would listen and understand. He wouldn’t be fazed by your emotions, but take them seriously. We wish we had his number.

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 3

Source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin | Getty Images

April: Kanye West

The ones born in April are people with tons of energy that’s difficult to keep up with. That’s why they need someone to match their energy levels in order to have a productive relationship. With someone like Kanye, you’d always have a partner in crime for doing an all-nighter or dancing your ass off.

And don’t forget to design ridiculously overpriced shoes – an integral part of the Kanye experience!

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 4

Source: Josiah Kamau | Getty Images

May: Ryan Gosling

With this guy you can stare in each other’s eyes for hours on end. Or just read poetry to one another. Or write it, for that matter. Ryan Gosling is the perfect soulmate for the ones born in the Month of May.

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 5

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June: Russell Crowe

If you were born during the first month of summer, you need someone like the famous New Zealander. People born in June are intellectuals with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. We have a sneaky feeling Russell would know how to quench their thirst.

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 6

Source: Lester Cohen | Getty Images

July: Chris Pratt

The American actor is the perfect partner for those born in July who don’t enjoy crowdier places and partying that much. If you don’t feel like getting out most nights, and you would rather be watching a movie curled under your blanket, you won’t find it difficult to spend quality time with Chris Pratt.

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 7

Source: Han Myung-Gu | Getty Images

August: Arnold Schwarzenegger

The ones born in August are the die-hard romantics. They want a proper, old-school lover – even if he’s a cyborg sent back from the future. They just wouldn’t be able to resist Schwarzie’s sexy way of saying “come with me if you want to live”.

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 8

Source: Tibrina Hobson | Getty Images

September: John Legend

With John, you won’t be bored. You are the ones who always look to the future and plan it with flair and innovation. The R&B artist would always lend you a hand towards realizing your dreams.

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 9

Source: Andrew Toth | Getty Images

October: Johnny Depp

October-born lassies are born rebels. Johnny Depp is a perfect match: you could check out gigs and concerts together, or even start your own band. Johnny wouldn’t mind rocking hard.

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 10

Source: Gabriel Olsen | Getty Images

November: Tom Hardy

You are a reserved person, aren’t you? You keep your secrets jealously and almost never open up. Do not worry: Tom would never betray your intimacy and he would make you feel safer than ever. With him, you’d never feel the need to be secretive.

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 11

Source: JB LaCroix | Getty Images

December: Macaulay Culkin

If you were born during the last month of the year, you truly believe in eternal youth. Whatever age, there will always be a bit of Peter Pan about you. With Macaulay Culkin, you’d never have to grow up.

Celebrity Soulmate Chart 12

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