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Celebrities Style Transformations – Take A Look!


During the years we change a lot. The famous Hollywood stars change as well. But what is fascinating is that they are now even more elegant than before. They always know how to show up on the red carpet in the best light. Take a look.

Jennifer Lopez 1997 v. 2016
J.Lo. looks stunning as always in both pictures.


Cate Blanchett 1998 v. 2016
The beautiful actress shows that she knows how to dress.


Courteney Cox 1994 v. 2016
So beautiful and stylish.


Tom Cruise 1992 v. 2015
Just change the jeans with some classy pants and there you go.


Miley Cyrus 1994 v. 2016
From this picture, we can see that Miley is in love with colors.


Claire Danes 1996 v. 2016
This beauty loves silk.


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