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Before And After: Celebrities Who Fixed Their Teeth

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Close your eyes and try to think of how many of today’s most epic celebrities you can count with bad teeth.

One? Two? Yeah. Perfect teeth seem to be the first thing people correct in their appearance, once they reach celebrity status. And seriously, how and why wouldn’t they? There are examples in the video below that Mother Nature is actually Stepmother Nature to some. Those are some bad teeth.

Lucky for us that love to look at them, lucky for them that have to be pretty – dentists exist. And they’ve done a pretty magnificient job, as the difference between the before and after photos is staggering. I mean, let’s all take a moment and remember Neville Longbottom, the way he was and the way he is now. And how crazy the internet went after he grew up and finally fixed his smile.

From looking like your next-door neighbor, these celebrities have turned into the eye-candies we love to watch today.


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