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Celebs Who Look Good Without Makeup


We are so used to seeing celebrities all glammed up on the red carpet, with their makeup and hair flawless, that we sometimes forget that they’re just regular people (well, as regular as they can be in their business).

So, it’s no surprise that many of the Hollywood beauties go makeup-free when doing their everyday chores, like shopping for groceries or picking up their kids from school. Like any other woman running those errands, they simply don’t have the time or the need to wear make-up. Yet many of them face harsh comments when they step out bare-faced, putting even more pressure on them, to always look “perfect”.

But, dozens of famous faces have mustered the courage to leave their homes ,without a hint of make-up, proving that natural is always better. From Angelina Jolie to Eva Mendez, these stars’ natural faces have been a friendly reminder that sometimes, they too don’t need that heavy stick of mascara, eyeliner or even concealer.

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