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23 Celebs Who Did Way More Than Expected In Fan Photos


They say you should never meet your idol. Most of the time, people end up disappointed when, after meeting them in person, they find out their favorite celebrity is nothing like they imagined them to be. But this isn’t always the case.

What is the first thing anyone does when they see their idol? Scream. And try to get a photo, preferably a selfie, with them. The resulting photos very often look quite similar: the fan is evidently overwhelmed and starstruck, and the celeb is smiling resignedly. But there are some lucky fans who have caught the celebrity in a good mood and have gotten a photo worthy of going viral on the Internet.

Here is a list, courtesy of Providr,  of 24 celebrities who did more than they were asked for when posing for a fan photo.

1. Bill Murray

This photo caused some debate on the Internet because people were unable to tell if it was Bill Murray or Tom Hanks. It’s Bill Murray. Laura DiMichele-Ross, a fan of his, ran into her idol on the St. Andrews golf course in Scotland in 2013. The actor obliged her request to pose with her nine-month-old son. But the baby wasn’t in the mood for pictures and started crying. So Bill Murray, being the comedy genius that he is, mimicked the child’s expression and the result was this priceless photo. DiMichele-Ross met Murray once again two years later and had the picture signed.

Imgur / shmiggs

2. Elijah Wood

This fan had a really close encounter with her crush, Elijah Wood. She went to take a photo with the actor at the Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days and she posted it on Imgur, captioning it, “As I was walking up to take a picture of Elijah Wood, I said, ‘You have gorgeous eyes! We would make great babies!’ He immediately started blushing and laughing so hard that he face planted my boobs.” It may be worth noting that the sign behind them says “It is our policy that you make no physical contact with our celebrity guest.”

Imgur / AtlasTheBat

3. Beyoncé

It must get a bit tedious posing for photos if you’re a celeb and you are just minding your own business in town when someone comes up to you and asks for a selfie. So it’s nice to sometimes shake things up. Which is how Beyoncé ended up with this facial expression, after a fan approached her in New Orleans, and she promised to make whatever face he made.

Reddit /u/ MarchMadnessisMe

4. Tom Hanks

An adoring fan sent Tom Hanks a letter telling him how much she loved his directorial debut, That Thing You Do!. She asked him for a headshot, and he sent her two! The Academy-Award winning actor took a photo of himself with a picture of the fan and even wrote her a personalized letter.


5. Fabio Lanzoni

American-Italian model Fabio Lanzoni rose to fame in the 80s and 90s after posing for covers of romance novels. But when a fan ran into him, he got a picture that actually would look quite good on one of those books.

Reddit /u/ Huntinho

6. Barack Obama

It’s not unusual to run into someone you know in your campus dive bar, but it’s hardly a common occurrence to run into the President of the United States. This girl was pretty shocked when, in 2012, Obama visited The Sink, the restaurant at the University of Colorado Boulder, before his address at the school.

Instagram /@madloid

7. Shaquille O’Neal

It’s pretty embarrassing to go up to a celeb, interrupting whatever they are doing, and ask for a photo. Then, how do you dare ask them to pick you up? I’d be mortified! Luckily for this fan, basketball star Shaquille O’Neal had no problem playing ball, which resulted in this awesome photo.


8. Jim Carrey

Another place you’d never expect to meet someone famous is a Burger King in rural Iowa. This basketball team were feeling pretty down after losing in the final of the 2013 season, but their unhappiness vanished when they came upon Jim Carrey in the restaurant. The comedy actor agreed to pose with the team in their bus and there wasn’t an unhappy face in sight.

Yahoo! Sports

9. Seth Rogen

To meet your idol once, you need to be pretty lucky. But this guy was obviously born under a lucky star, as he met Seth Rogen thrice! What a great idea to take an Inception-esque photo that commemorates all the times this fan got to meet the Knocked Up actor! He must go everywhere with that photo, just in case he runs into Rogen again.

Reddit /u/ WhyHopOnPop

10. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Some celebrities are just too busy to stop for a photo, but not too busy to pose for one. The Rock made a surprise appearance in this guy’s selfie wearing an expression that turned a regular photo into an epic one.

Reddit /u/ but_then_I_lie

11. Zac Efron

No fan ever wants to miss an opportunity for a photo with their idol. Which is why it’s understandable that this guy chased after Zac Efron, unfortunately shattering his phone in the process. However, the High School Musical star still posed for the picture and even got a new phone for his super dedicated fan.

Instagram /@zacefron

12. Jon Lovitz

Two guys ran into Saturday Night Live actor Jon Lovitz at the airport. Wolfanoz, the Reddit user who posted the melancholic photo, explained the story behind it. “My dad runs into Jon Lovitz at the airport on the way to Vegas for a business convention. Asked to take a picture to make it look like they were bummed to go to send back to my mom. Lovitz loved the idea.”

Reddit /u/ Wolfanoz

13. Kevin Spacey

Some celebs will take a photo with you even if you don’t ask them to. This woman was taking a photo of herself in a beautiful Boston park, but Kevin Spacey, who was out for a jog, decided to get in on the action.


14. Miley Cyrus

The awkwardness that seems ever-present in these fan-meets-celebrity photos is mainly due to the physical disconnection between two strangers posing for a picture together. But this is not a problem for Miley Cyrus. She was quite happy to get real close to her fans during her Bangerz concert tour.

Twitter / @NoticiasSmilers

15. Bill Gates

If you ever visit the Microsoft offices, you’re definitely going to take some photos to commemorate the experience. But this guy got a little more than he expected when Bill Gates, the company’s co-founder, intruded on his selfie.


Reddit /u/ ew00d

16. Zach Braff

Celebrities seem to love photobombing. Here is Scrubs star Zach Braff crashing this couple’s wedding photograph on a busy New York street.


Twitter / @saschareinking

17. Nicolas Cage

Sometimes their effort just goes unappreciated. Nicolas Cage was in the same store as this lady who was taking a selfie with her baby, so naturally, he decided to give her a wave. She didn’t recognize him. “I tried to take a photo with my baby, but some idiot ruined it,” she tweeted.

Twitter / @veragraziadei

18. Rihanna

It’s hard to tell who is who’s bigger fan in this picture. After Germany won the World Cup in Rio, Rihanna took this photo with football players Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger. The Barbadian singer got to hold the World Cup and the two lucky footballers got to kiss her on the cheek.

Twitter / @rihanna

19. Will Smith

This lady knows how to take a memorable photo. She exhibited her flexibility using The Fresh Prince star Will Smith as a support. Clearly, the actor didn’t mind.

Instagram / @willsmithphotos

20. Tom Hanks

Another famous actor who likes to gatecrash wedding photographs is Tom Hanks. The Forrest Gump star went for a walk in Central Park in New York City when he spotted the newlyweds and joined them for a few pictures. He even joked that he would like to perform the ceremony for them.

Instagram / @tomhanks

21. Alfonso Ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro, best known for playing Carlton on The Fresh Prince doesn’t look amused as this superfan performs “The Carlton” dance for him. The fan tried to get the actor to do it with him, but even though the request was declined, still he got this priceless photo.


22. Jason Segel

Apparently, Jason Segel is more excited to meet his fans, than his fans are to meet him. The How I Met Your Mother actor posing with these two guys is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Reddit /u/ deanreevesii

23. Steven Tyler

This woman was having her photo taken while on vacation in Malibu. She had no idea that the dude (looks like a lady) in the background was actually Aerosmith lead singer, Steven Tyler. She found out only after she uploaded the image to Facebook and her friends told her.

Imgur / acatarstateyipyipp
Source: providr

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