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Watch Celine Dion’s Impressions Of Cher, Michael Jackson And Rihanna On The Tonight Show


Jimmy Fallon has a reputation for devising little seemingly absurd, but actually intelligent games he plays with the guests of his show. Although some of them might seem childish at first, they function very well at getting famous people out of their comfort zones, resulting in alinear narratives that wouldn’t happen in a straight question-answer format. When pop diva Celine Dion appeared on The Tonight Show last year, Fallon worked his magic once again.


The French-Canadian spoke about some important moments in her career, such as her five-year Las Vegas residency, and how she wasn’t too enthusiastic about performing My Heart Will Go On initially. The best part, however, came when the host challenged her to a game called “Wheel of Musical Impression” which includes a musical impressions-generator giving out a random combination of an artist and a song.

Dion had to use everything from her vast experience of performing when she was challenged to sing the famous French children song Frère Jacques as none other than Cher. The 49-year-old did magnificently, taking turns with the host, getting more immersed with every new song and artist coming her way. After several takes, Celine got into the game to the point that she got out of her chair and performed as if she was on a stage during a concert.


It is then that the game culminated, with Drake’s One Dance performed through a Michael Jackson impersonation. The audience would have been excused for thinking that was the biggest surprise coming their way, but there was yet another round to come, with Dion jumping right into a Rihanna impression, coupled with a funky dance routine. Check it all out in the video below!

Source:The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon , lifeaspire

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