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Céline Dion Shares Rare Family Photos Of Her Twin Boys


When you think of amazingly talented singers that seem to have died down a little bit in terms of their fame, one of the singers that should come up is Céline Dion. The 49-year-old My Heart Will Go On singer has been in the music business since the 1980s and married the now-late René Angélil in 1994.

She gave birth to her twin boys, Eddy and and Nelson Angélil seven years ago. Last year, Céline and the kids lost their father and husband and the entire family is trying to cope with the loss ever since.

The Canadian-born singer recently shared some rare adorable pictures of herself and her boys.

The photos were taken by her 16-year-old son René-Charles Angélil at their seventh birthday party.

Take a look and see how Eddy and Nelson are growing up resembling both their mom and dad.


Source: Wikimedia / Georges Biard

Céline’s reputation owes a great deal to her late husband, more specifically the love and support she constantly received from him throughout the years.

He believed in her so much that when the two of them first met he mortgaged his house to finance her very first record.

The couple got together in 1987, and they sealed the deal on December 17, 1994, three years after their engagement.


Source: Vevo

Céline was feeling over the moon in 2007, but she as well as René desperately wanted another child after the birth of their son in 2001.

She began IVF treatment as soon as she got home from the tour.


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She made an announcement that she would be returning to her Las Vegas home in just 13 months.

Time was not her ally considering her desire to expand the family.


Source: Instagram / @celinedion

Céline and Renee kept attempting to have a child despite her suffering a miscarriage. Finally, they got lucky on the sixth attempt and she fell pregnant with twin boys.


Source: YouTube / CelineDionVEVO

Furthermore, she would have to go back on stage five months later.


Source: Wikimedia / Georges Biard

The birth of the twins was greatly anticipated.


Source: Hello! Magazine

Céline was featured on the cover of Hello! magazine along with her the baby boys.


Source: Instagram / @celinedion

Three weeks later camera crews were allowed entrance in her Florida mansion.

She shared an intimate glance into her life as a star singer, wife and a mother of three.


Source: Instagram / @rcangelil

The twins made few rare appearances as the years went by.

René passed away after battling cancer at the age of 73.


Source: Instagram / @celinedion

The twins look all grown up now, seven years after their birth.


Source: Instagram / @rcangelil

Céline recently shared rare pictures of the boys with an adorable caption.

“Can’t believe you are already 7 years old… Time flies! Happy birthday, my loves! I’m so proud of all of my boys! Mom xx…”


Source: Instagram / @rcangelil

These cute photos were taken at the their Michael Jackson-themed birthday party by their older brother.


Source: Instagram / @celinedion
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