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Chain Effect Nail Art Is Probably Something You Haven’t Tried Before


The word “chain” can have many different meanings. In most cases, a chain is a series of connected links, which in most cases are made of metal.

Chains are designed for holding on to items that are really heavy, such as the chains that support an engine when it’s being lowered into a car.

There are many other uses for chains, but since we don’t tend to write about hardware and technical equipment, we won’t get too much into that. Hope we haven’t lost you already!

I think you’ll agree that chains are not exactly a common thing to draw on your nails when doing nail art. Nevertheless, it’s a cool idea, and I doubt many of your friends have tried it in the past.

Mila from MyDesigns4You has decided to give chain effect nail art a try.


Her video makes it perfectly clear that you need fairly long nails to do this, so start growing or get going!

She first paints the tip of her nails half white half black. She then proceeds to draw weaves on either side in the opposing color, which makes them look like chains.


She finishes it off by attaching a pearl on the spot where the “chains” meet.


The results are really interesting with a delicate yet industrial appeal. This is certainly something that’ll make you stand out next time you go out with your friends. Thumbs up from us. We suggest you give it a try!


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