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Chanel Just Dropped These Clear Plastic Rain Boots And We Don’t Know How To Feel


Let’s be honest for a second: there are some fashion items and accessories out there that really cannot be explained. Or liked by any normal person, for that matter. Did you hear about that bag Kylie and Kendall designed that pissed off people because it looked like a Chinese takeout box? Yeah, that sort of stuff.

And now it seems like Karl Lagerfield wants to get in on some of the action. What do I mean? Well, as part of their Spring 2018 collection, Chanel recently announced a collection of rubbery rain clothing… that are 100% clear plastic.

Just… look at them!


I mean, sure, this floats some people’s boat, but I think most of you will agree that when you first glanced at these, Tumblr-y rain photos didn’t spring to mind, but rather sweat and just… well… unpleasantness.

I thought that after the domination of Crocs (of s#@t) and UGG’s, the fashion industry was done with ridiculous shoe designs, but it seems that’s not the case.

On top of causing intense sweating and with that bad smells, people will look at you like you’ve completely lost your mind.

Remember though, if this is the sort of thing you like, by all means wear it, but I’m just not very fond of this idea.


But it’s not just shoes that are getting the clear plastic treatment

Chanel also demonstrated other 100% clear accessories and we’re not sure how to feel about them.

Here are some gauntlet looking things, for example.


And a clear plastic hood!

Now, this would be a cool attachment to a windbreaker. Preferably a full color one.


And finally, my favorite and perhaps the most bizarre of all of them

A clear plastic sleeve so that your ponytail doesn’t get wet. The hat protects the top part of your hair and that’s all great, but what about the part that’s literally poking out of the bottom of the sleeve? Guess it’s worth taking the risks if you want to wear branded stuff.


Will you be picking up a Chanel clear rain accessory when this collection drops this year? What’s your take on them? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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