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Channing Tatum And His Wife Jenna Can Build Sandcastles And Still Look Gorgeous

 Anyone of you seen Step Up? I’m sure you have. It was the movie that introduced Channing Tatum to the world, not only him, but also his dancing skills.

Even though we don’t see him much nowadays, the 36-year-old former stripper, who hails from Cullman in the US state of Alabama, is still enjoying a wonderful life with slightly younger than him wife Jenna Dewan. The two were recently spotted building sandcastles on the beach in Hawaii.


Tatum and his Step Up co-star have been married for 8 years, and they both have a 3-year-old daughter, Everly. They’re coming up to 8 years of marriage, and even though we don’t see them all that much, we still think they’re quite an amazing couple.

While Tatum was wearing his long-sleeved shirt a lot of the time, presumably because of the wind, Jenna was not afraid to show off her amazing toned physique, wearing a striped bikini with cutouts.


These two clearly seem to have been enjoying their time on the beach in Hawaii, building sandcastles and looking good while they’re at it.


Although their daughter doesn’t appear in these photos, the bucket next to Channing suggests to me that she’s just a little bit camera shy.


I’ll tell you one thing though, I would die quite happily if my body was this toned and this gorgeous at the age of 36.


Although Channing seems to be a little bit shy to take the shirt off, we’re sure he’s still keeping that wide-shouldered, girls’-heart-stopping physique he is quite famous for.



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