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Channing Tatum Did A ‘Magic Mike’ Routine At A Gas Station For A Lucky Fan

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Before he got discovered, Channing Tatum did several odd jobs in Tampa, Florida, the town where he grew up. One of them was famously a stripper gig which then became the basis for his 2012 film Magic Mike, a realization of a long-held ambition to turn his nightclub experience into a story for the big screen. According to a video Tatum posted on his Facebook page couple of weeks ago, Magic Mike was spotted at a gas station in Sunoco, North Carolina.


There, gas station cashier Beatrice was going about her day as usual when the 37-year-old actor appeared. Grabbing a coffee and hugging the clerk, Tatum told Beatrice he was traveling across the country to which she quipped that maybe she should just go with him. After a few more jokes shared, the couple broke out into a dance, with Channing doing a bit of the famous routine from Soderberg’s film before he signed the cashier’s hat and posed for photos with a fan. The video has understandably generated quite the buzz online, being watched millions of times in just a few days on Facebook alone.


At the time, Tatum was on a promotion trail for his latest film, the heist caper Logan Lucky which opened in cinemas on the 18th of August. A day before the North Carolina gas station encounter with Beatrice, fans in Tennessee got to see their idol as the actor attended a charity fundraiser in Knoxville and a local Logan Lucky premiere where he took selfies with film-goers.

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“Just giving back I think is just — I mean anything that we can do,” Tatum said at the Knoxville, Tennessee charity event. “You know there are way harder things to do in life than to come out with some really really sweet people.”


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