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Channing Tatum Chose A Cute Unicorn Costume For His Daughter’s Preschool Party


Halloween countdown has officially started! We got around a week until the holiday, but maybe a little less time to finalize your costume, because you don’t want to do everything on the last day. Have you picked your costume yet? If you are a last-minute person, you might want to try the good old zombie makeup or just be a ghost instead. If you are up for some trendy ones, here are some ideas. One person who is definitely ready, though, is our favorite Step Up star, Channing Tatum. The 37-year-old muscular actor opted for a cute unicorn outfit for his daughter’s preschool Halloween party, and vt had the story!


The Coach Carter actor, devoted husband, and father to four-year-old Everly, appeared in a Halloween costume last week. This comes after he quit his directorial debut on a movie that was going to be produced by the Weinstein Company, after the alleged Harvey scandal.

Channing was snapped on Saturday, October 21, going to Everly’s preschool’s Halloween party with Jenna Dewan, his wife. The party was held in the LA neighborhood of Studio City. The tall actor chose an unabashedly cute unicorn outfit, complete with a rainbow horn.

It was a shimmery lilac hoodie with some unicorn details. He paired it with grey sweatpants and he looked more than adorable.

Here’s an Instagram story from Jenna, showing a little more of the costume’s detail:


Isn’t it perfect? 36-year-old Jenna dressed up as well, going as a “nature fairy”. She wore an olive-green dress and a flower garland in her hair.

And little Everly was a forest fairy, too.


Last Halloween, the family had matching outfits, going as “two belles and a beast”.

Two belles and a beast

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Interestingly, Jenna actually dressed as a unicorn to another different, girls only Halloween party last year.


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The Internet loved Channing’s Halloween costume. Mainly because he did this for his little daughter, and he makes a good looking unicorn, too.


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