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“Charlie Bit My Finger” Video Celebrates It’s 10 Year Anniversary


It is still weird to think that internet memes can actually celebrate anniversaries. Usually, memes that are created, get shared, perpetuated and then forgotten about mere days later. But, there are some videos that everyone has seen and contain a lot of humor. It’s pretty cool though that they can be celebrated years after years. Of course, we are talking about the legendary “Charlie Bit My Finger” video.


When talking about viral videos, it is impossible not to mention those two little boys. The 56 second clip became at one point the most viewed video on YouTube. The video was first uploaded to YouTube by the father of the kids for family members to see it. Since then, the video has managed to rack up 849 million views.

Now, Harry and Charlie have grown and the clip celebrates it’s 10 anniversary. Would you recognize them?


Of course, it can be pretty weird to be a celebrity before having the first day of school but still, the video earned their family more than £1 million. The boys made numerous TV appearances for Renault, Delta Air Lines, and Ragu and Gerber; a firm that makes “finger food” for toddlers.

The family, including two new brothers Rupert and Jasper, live in the same house with the same sofa from the clip. Their dad, Howard Davies-Carr still works full time as an IT consultant. Most of the earned money, will go to their education.


“I was just about to remove (the video) before it exploded, but once it had I’d lost control of the clip anyway so I left it,” Howard commented.

“The clip only went up as I wanted to share it with the boys’ grandfather. I was naive about the whole YouTube thing. It became viral and once that happened there was nothing I could do. People have sent lovely comments and messages and I now upload a new video of the boys every six weeks.”


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