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Desperate Mother Looks For A Suitable Liver Donor For Her 8-Year-Old Son


Helen Lynch, whose 8-year-old son Charlie was born with a life-threatening liver condition, is fighting hard on several fronts to save her son’s life.

The mother is trying to secure a suitable organ donor and contemplating donating herself if a match is not found, despite being told the chances for both of them surviving would be slim in such case. Meanwhile, they have been traveling extensively between London and their native Republic of Ireland.


Charlie Lynch, 8, now has a dangerous abdominal swelling due to his liver condition and urgently needs a transplant.

His mother Helen, from Offaly in Ireland, has set up a GoFundMe page to help out with the costs of traveling from Ireland to London and the accommodation in England when they need to stay. On the donations page, she explained the matter is extremely urgent.

“I’m trying to raise money to help with Charlie’s transplant journey,” she wrote. “I’m not one to do this but unfortunately I can’t afford it all myself. I do not receive any help from any social welfare or any organization and I’m on a low income – I just can’t pay for it all.”


“If you could find it in your heart to donate anything at all, it would really help us out to help get through this difficult time,” the mother has pleaded.

Charlie was born with biliary atresia, a rare disease of the liver and bile ducts. His mother has explained how the 8-year-old has been ‘in an out of the hospital his entire life’. He has had numerous operations, including one on his bowel, and has been on constant medication.


Helen explains their struggles in finding a suitable match: “We have been waiting years and have had no luck finding a match.”

“I put myself forward to be his donor as I’m a match for him, but we have recently found out that the part of my liver Charlie needs is lacking in size, which means he would only receive 20% of what he needs and a further risk of dying.”


The mom was recently told by the hospital to wait for another three months before committing herself to the risky operation with a very uncertain outcome for both her and her son.

“If no donor becomes available, I will go for the transplant and hope we both come through this alive,” she says.

The matter is further complicated by the fact Helen has another son who could end up losing both his mother and brother in the case of an unsuccessful operation.


Helen continues to post updates via her GoFundMe page and is appealing for help in the search for a suitable donor.

Her most recent update reinforces the urgency of the situation: “Unfortunately Charlie’s journey is almost at an end and no donor has been found as of yet. Charlie is getting worse and a donor is needed urgently or my baby boy won’t make it.”


“We are now searching for living donors with the blood type O and we are trying to raise enough money to get them tested,” she clarified.

“This is my last hope to save my child and let him have the life he deserves. Please continue to support us through this horrible time and keep us in your prayers.”

To donate to Charlie’s transplant journey visit Helen’s GoFundMe page.


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