Charlie Wakefield Buys His Dad A Brand New Jaguar XE

Charlie Wakefield Buys His Dad A Brand New Jaguar XE


Eighteen-year-old Charlie Wakefield bought his dad the slickest white Jaguar we’ve ever laid eyes on, to celebrate his fiftieth jubilee birthday.

In an inspiring Instagram post, he explained his motives behind the gift and congratulated his father’s birthday.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad, and the man I’ve always looked up to. love you”

Charlie also shared a video of him driving up next to his father and other members of his family who were waiting in front of the Southwick Football Club. They were stunned to see a white Jaguar XE drive up to them.

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The Chelsea Academy Team defender had been planning for the gift for two years before the time came to introduce his father to his Jaguar XE.

“My dad turned 50 years old today and after 2 years of planning his surprise birthday present, the day finally came,” wrote Charlie.

This luxury vehicle costs more than 28,000 pounds (around $35,000) and the football player thanked River Vale leasing for their help.
The upcoming star started training football at the fragile age of eight, and joined Chelsea as an Under -12 player in 2010.

“I wouldn’t of got as far as I have without this man, I owe him everything. To think he’s not missed one of my football matches from the age I started playing, which was 8.”

Judging by Charlie’s Instagram post and how far in life he has gotten, one would agree that his dad Mark must be a truly extraordinary person.

In addition, the stunned look that we see on his face in the video that Charlie shared on his Instagram talks of a humble man!

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I think it takes a lot of dedication and willpower for a child to reach the ranks that Charlie reached and is yet to reach.
It’s more than fair to say that parents who are adamant to believe in their children and who give their best to see them manifest their potential are to be respected and looked upon!

Charlie spoke of his father’s unwavering dedication to contribute to his son’s career, always being there to boost his son’s morale and well-being.

“Whether the game was round the corner, or 6 hours away, he’d scarifies anything or anyone, just to make sure he got to my games to support me, no matter what.”

So, it was about time that the son would do something grand for his dad as well.

“To think of the miles he must of driven, especially in his second hand 03 plate Ford Focus… how it’s survived so many long journeys I’ll never know,” wrote Charlie.

“He’s always loved luxury cars, but never been able to get one, so to be able to buy him his dream Jaguar car for his 50th birthday, couldn’t of worked out any better.”

Charlie opened the door of the driver’s seat and urged his baffled father to have a look at the car’s interior.

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“He’s watched my journey from the beginning, kept me humble, believed in me, and taught me everything I need to know over the years. He deserves everything and I can’t thank him enough.”

All that can be said is: “Like father like son!” This young fella had definitely been raised by a gentleman.

An Instagram user shared his sentiments on the whole ordeal: “Well done. To your dad for raising a great son. To you for showing appreciation in return. (and for pulling off an amazing surprise!)”


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