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22 Cheap Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Easier And More Fun


Being a parent is not an easy thing. Kids mean the world to their parents and their parents would do anything for them, but it takes a lot of commitment, dedication and experience to know how to raise a kid properly and help them grow into a nice, healthy adult.

So, is it possible to maintain good parenting while taking some shortcuts that will make the whole experience easier but also more fun? Yes, there is a way. Well, there isn’t just one way, there’s 22 of them, compiled by Diply.

Let’s dive in to these dirt cheap and cool parenting hacks.

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1. Yogurtsicles

Put a popsicle stick in your children’s favorite yogurt and put it in the freezer. You get an instant dessert that your kids are guaranteed to like.

22 Cheap Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Easier And More Fun 2

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2. Keep pacifiers clean

Just put them in condiment containers so they won’t get dirty when you carry them around.

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3. Use a pizza cutter to cut food into smaller pieces


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4. A rubber band on dispensers with pumps

This way your kids won’t waste them.


Source: The Art of Education

5. Tape silencer

A small amount of tape on the speakers of loud toys can make them quieter, and hopefully, keep your sanity.

You can keep piling on the tape if the toy is loud enough.


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6. Clothespins are good at keeping the toothbrushes up


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7. The doll’s hair

If your kid’s doll’s hair is all mangled and not easy to brush, mix two tablespoons of fabric softener with some water and put it in a spray bottle, then spray it to make the hair untangle easily.


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8. Window stickers

Put these on the plane windows on a longer flight to kill boredom.


Source: Instagram | @teachermama1138

9. A pizza box makes a great canvas for those future artists


Source: Reddit | THORGNASH

10. Use a cereal container for the trash that accumulates in a car with children



11. Burrito in a mason jar

Putting a burrito in a mason jar is the best way to get your kid to eat it without the whole thing ending up on the floor, and it won’t drip out the back.


Source: The Light Media

12. A chip clip is good for burritos


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13. Dish racks are perfect for organizing school supplies


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14. Cleaning up LEGOs

Put them in a laundry bag and then in the washing mashine to wash those that have been sitting on the floor for a while.


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15. A cardboard box canvas

This one is just brilliant. Put your kid inside a cardboard box and let them color to their heart’s content. They’ll let their creativity run loose but they won’t make a mess of the furniture. Win-win.


Source: Caryn’s Thoughts

16. Left and right sticker

Tear a small sticker in two and place one side in the left shoe and one in the right shoe, to help your children distinguish which one is which.


Source: Emlii Babyzone

17. The joy of cleaning

Teach your kids this joy with this fun little tape game.


Source: Goodnet

18. Toothpaste is good at removing the permanent marker on your wall


Source: Lifehack

19. Toilet paper limit

To keep your kids from pulling too much toilet paper, put a sticker boundary on the wall like this.


Source: The Virtuous Wife

20. Strap their bubble containers to a post to ‘contain’ the mess

The puns are still strong with this one (me).


Source: The Light Media

21. Pair your children’s medication with their favorite pacifier


Source: Life Hack

22. How to keep your kid from taking his/her diaper off


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