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A Student Passes A Physics Exam With The Most Creative Form Of Cheating Ever


Although luck does play a small part in exams when it comes to the distribution of questions, by and large, the only determinant of one’s success in an examination is how hard they studied in preparation. Of course, cheating can tilt the odds in one’s favor a tad bit, but it can also lead to failure, or worse, expulsion.

But more importantly, the right question probably is, why study for something you’re not interested enough to truly immerse yourself into? In many cases immaturity, peer pressure or parents’ interference influence kids to enroll in programs they have little affinity for, which often results in going through the motions and cheating. And what it comes to is, as with studying, some are more talented than others.


Twitter user “glxzwdwyws”, who also goes by the easier to pronounce Andrew, was completely unprepared for a physics exam that was drawing near so he resorted to the forbidden and frowned upon, but nevertheless successful means to pass the test.

In Spanish, Andrew tweeted the explanation of an ingenious, if not amoral approach to passing an exam: “all the space that I have under the nails I’m going to cover with small pieces of paper with written formulas”. It turns out this wasn’t just an idea or a joke, but a scheme he would end up going through with.


To decrease visibility from the upper side of the nail and conceal what’s underneath better, Andrew used some creative nail polish patterns and his approach reportedly worked a treat.

Problems arose when the tweets soon went viral, prompting Andrew to wonder whether he would fail the test after all, in the case of his instructor being an avid Twitter user.


Fortunately for him (and quite unfortunately for the education system), Andrew remained undiscovered by his instructors and ultimately passed the test. Not only that, but Andrew suddenly found his fifteen minutes of fame as the responses kept pouring in, with social media users taking quite a sympathetic stance towards the student.



Some users shared similarly bizarre stories about cheating on exams


The obvious disclaimer comes at the end: do not attempt this at your college or school. Most educational institutions have draconian rules when it comes to students caught cheating, and with your entire future at stake, it’s simply not worth it.

Having said that, if the exam was on creativity in tight spots, Andrew would have passed the exam with flying colors.


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