Check this inovative wooden table that comes to life when someone enters a room


Talented designers from the Kasparo Cooperation  based in Poland lifted dining table to an entirely new level. They gave life to a wooden table and produced a table wich lights up when someone enters a room. This innovative, exclusive design which comes with a certificate of authenticity has LED technology and proximity sensor installed. If you decide to have one in your home,  you can be sure that these designers are taking care of the nature as well. They say that after purchase, the customer receives a notice of planting trees with GPS location data.


Inspired by a river this bright designer minds joined forces with the skilled hands of the best Polish carpenters and first made the top of the table and a sketch.


It wasn’t easy. They had to do one more table because while trying to create the riverbed the team poured resin which boiled and the result wasn’t as planned.


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