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Check Out The Proposal Ring Tyga Gave to Kylie!


The Kardashian-Jenner sisters again and again manage to remain on the agenda! After the news about the queen among the sisters, Kim Kardashian being robbed, here we go with another one: Kim’s lil’ sister Kylie Jenner received a proposal from her boyfriend Tyga!

The 18-year-old reality show celeb Kylie, although the youngest among them, she has made her way into the business and she is quite successful. Along with the clothing line she did in collaboration with her sister Kendall, she also has her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics and even her own app which already made it to number one on the iTunes store downloads chart.

As a successful businesswoman she bought her first mansion worth $2.7 million in California, before she’d even turned 18. However, she had all the spotlights on her, not only for being successful in her job, but also for the controversial relationship she was having with 26-year-old rapper Tyga. Though they didn’t go public before she turned of age  everybody was aware of their union. which was on and off for over a year.

Tyga, seemingly a fan of controversy too, claimed that he grew up in Compton, known as a tough area, though shortly after his claim videos were released showing the rapper growing up in a middle class neighborhood where his parents drove a Range Rover.


In 2011 he had a baby with his then fiancee Blac Chyna but they split in 2014.

Up until now… nothing sounds weird right? Wait for it! Blac Chyna afterwards started dating none other than Kylie’s brother Rob!! That couple are now engaged and expecting their first baby…congrats!


Blac Chyna caused a bit of tension in the family which led up to the momentary separation of Kylie and Tyga.

However the couple decided to get back together again, and Kylie in her statement about her relationship said “I think we fit.”


Kylie knows how to keep her fans curious about her relationship status.

On SnapChat she called Tyga “husband” and she captioned a Facebook photo of herself and Tyga as “Mr and Mrs.”


Later she posted a photo of her hand wearing a huge diamond ring.

Wearing the ring on her left hand has caused the speculations of a wedding in the near future.


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