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Cheryl Maitland’s Painful Journey Of Getting Rid Of Her Biggest Regret


One of the biggest concerns while deciding on getting a tattoo or not, is the possibility of regret. Especially, if you want to ink your skin with a ‘no regrets’ – inspired tattoo and later on you end up regretting having it done at all. Anyhow, since you can remove the ink from your skin I guess it makes it easier to decide on getting one. But, be aware. You have to be prepared for the excruciating and intensively long process of removal.

Twenty-six-year-old Married At First Sight star, Cheryl Maitland is going through this painful process and she decided to open up about it and share the experience with her fans on Instagram. It is only fair to say that she hasn’t been afraid to share information about her personal life before. Not that we are complaining, but she has been sharing her travel snaps, her love life and pre-boyfriend gypsy quotes about the ups and downs of dating.


The former star of the American reality TV show, opened up to her 150,000 Instagram followers about the extensive process she is going through to get a great tattoo on her back removed. The tattoo featured large black writing saying ‘Perfectly Imperfected’ surrounded by love hearts and a crown.


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The hairdresser from the Gold Coast said that she has been exposed to laser treatments over the last two years. She disclosed that the process was really painful. However, it hurt much less after the first session because that’s when the most ink is removed.


Very brave Cheryl!


The reality star said that she’s been trying to remove the tattoo with laser treatments since 2015.

“So for everyone asking about my tattoo removal, I’ve been getting it removed for over two years and I only go every couple of months,” she said.”It said ‘perfectly imperfected’, which means I think my imperfections are what makes me, but I feel I don’t need that on a tattoo to say that anymore, so I just want to get rid of it! Yes, it does hurt a lot. It hurts the first time because there’s more ink, but less ink you get, the less it hurts and the redness goes away, so it’s not too bad.”

We can’t even imagine the pain, but we wish her all the luck in the world.

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