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Cheryl Talks About Being A Mother For The First Time Since Giving Birth

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The Girls Aloud star, 34-year-old stunning Cheryl Tweedy has recently started playing her new role as a mother. Seven-month-old baby Bear has been a blessing to her and her love, Liam Payen from the group One Direction. She opened up to the media and shared the ultimate changes in her life.

The X factor judge was interviewed by Vogue for the first time after having baby Bear.

She disclosed that now it’s only the three of them hanging out all the time. Even though she doesn’t really have time for herself, she pointed out how valuable her family was. The new mom said a truly welcome gift for a mother would be an hour break. We agree with you, Cher.

The star hasn’t been really spoken to the media since she wants to keep her family life private. The couple still hasn’t posted a cute baby picture on their social platforms. But, they won’t be able to resist it for long, so we might expect one real soon.

Cheryl confesses that she feels differently about many things and that she is still adapting to the changes. Expressing her first mother instincts she said “Your whole being changes because it’s not about you anymore. If something happens to you it doesn’t matter as much, but if it happened to your child, the impact would be severe.” She is constantly on the lookout for sharp edges and is baby proofing her whole house.

Date night 😏

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She is also incredibly concerned about the effects of the media for baby Bear when he is older. We can assume that maybe because of this she hesitates to post daily snaps on social media.
Even though everyone is splashed over all platfors these days, she is delighted to have had her beginning as a pop star without all the camera phones and hype. The singer declares that she was lucky not having social media when growing up.

Will the baby inherit his parents’ talent for music?
Pretty sure. Besides that, Cheryl revealed that he’s been an inspiration for some new upcoming music. We will eagerly wait for it, the songs will probably be very emotional.

So good to hear her finally speak about motherhood!

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